Kirkness and Gorie

To kick off our shiny new blog we asked Duncan McLean, Chair Person of Kirkwall BID and owner of Kirkness and Gorie, what his favourite part of working there is and here’s what he had to say:

“What I like about working in K&G is the seasonal changes. Summer is easy to enjoy: it’s warm, everyone is cheery, the front door is open. And we’re busy with tourists coming in and out all day, most of whom have a genuine interesting in Orkney’s food and drink, and life here generally. Autumn sees the start of Lynnfield Lux dinners and various wine tastings – great fun, and educational too (for me…) Winter is all about Christmas, which is the busiest time of year by far: the buzz of the December rush is phenomenal. It’s a responsibility knowing that the he food and drink we sell plays such a big part in so many families’ special parties and meals over the festive season, and we work extra hard to make sure everyone we serve gets exactly what they want. Then it’s spring: time for new plans, new products, new trips to wineries, cheesemakers, trade fairs…well, usually. There’s been none of that in 2020/21: so we look forward to spring next year more than ever!”

We also asked Duncan what he loves about the Kirkwall Gift Card, and we couldn’t agree more with what he had to say!


“For the shopkeeper standing at a till, the Kirkwall Gift Card is no big deal: you just swipe it through the machine and the payment is made. But take a step back and you realise what a wonderful event each Kirkwall Gift Card transaction is: it means that money that could have been given to some uncaring multi-national, tax-avoiding website is instead going to stay in the county, paying wages, helping to make the community prosperous – keeping the heart in Kirkwall. And that is a very big deal!”


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